Driveways & Mailboxes/New Homes & Buildings


Driveway permits are needed in the Town of Birchwood for anyone within the Township that is putting in a new driveway, modifying an existing driveway – includes driveways to a house or field roads - or needing a building permit. A Driveway Permit is needed before applying for a building permit. Permits for access of County Roads, contact the Town Hall 715-354-7047, permits for access of Town Roads, contact Town of Birchwood Patrolman at 715-354-7047.

Mail Boxes:

Placement of mailboxes are specified within the Township ordinances. All mailboxes on Township road right of ways are strongly encouraged to be mounted on a swing arm type of post with the lowest part of the assembly 42" above the road and the post at least 2 feet back of the road shoulder. Any mailbox that does not meet these requirements may be removed by the Township and billed to the property owner. For questions about mailbox placement, please contact the Town Chairman.

New Homes and Buildings/Remodeling Existing Structures:

Anyone within the Town of Birchwood that is planning on building a new home, addition or any type of building must obtain the proper permits from the Town of Birchwood and Washburn County. If you have further questions, please contact the Town Chairman or Washburn County Zoning Department 715-468-4690